• Honda CB450 Rear Sets

    $300.00 $200.00

    This set of rear sets were designed specifically for the Honda CB450 Twin. This is the best set of rear sets on the market for this bike. Considerable time went in to the design of this set. What makes this set better than all the others, is the pivot that we developed for the brake side of this bike. The pivot allows you to run a linkage rod forward, and that actuates the stock brake lever. No more running a kinked up rod straight back to the drum from the control. That design is highly inefficient. 

    This set comes with the pivot that we have developed, billet 6061 controls, and linkage, heim joints for the linkage, piece for the shift shaft, and stainless hardware to lace everything up.

    This set is indexable 360 degress. It allows you to adjust the rear sets to a position that you are most comfortable with, then you can fine tune the toe peg position with the 1.5 inches of adjustment you have in the linkage rods. The controls being indexable, allows you to run the linkage rods down under the controls, run a master cylinder if you wish to do a disc upgrade, or run a GP shift if you want. 

    On top of all of that. This set is bolt on, it requires no modification to your bike. Pull you stock foot pegs, and shift and brake levers off, and spend five minutes installing these sets, and you are ready to ride. All that is required for installation is basic hand tools. 

    This is the best, most efficient set on the market for the CB450 Twin.