• Yamaha RD250/RD350 Rear Sets

    $400.00 $295.00

    What you see here, 100% bolt-on rear set kit for the RD250 and the RD350. We have spent a lot of time developing this kit, to be the best on the market. If you'll take a look at some of the others, you'll see that the brake lever is exceptionally short, and the brake set up is kind of wonky, with a short linkage running straight down an inch or two, due to the placement of the brake shaft on that bike. What we have done, is eliminated that aspect of the kit completely. We have gone to cable brake route. It's simple, it's clean, it's efficient. This allows you to have a brake lever that you can actually use comfortably, along with the kick start being able to work easily. This kit entirely replaces the brackets on the stock bike. If you look at other sets on the market, you will find the majority of them have the passenger peg located an inch or so behind the foot peg for the rear sets. These are very easy to install, and take very little time. There are no modifications required to your bike. Simply unbolt some stock bits and pieces, and bolt mine into their place. Just as easy to go back to stock if your lady friend/girl friend/wife want to go for a Sunday ride. 

    This kit includes:

    Controls- 6061 Billet- Fixed peg shift side, folding peg brake side to allow kicker clearance. (Can be made folding on both sides with the drop down menu above.)

    Linkage- 6061 Billet- Heim joints.

    Brake Cable- Brand new Motion Pro brake cable for the rear brake.

    Brake Stay- 6061 Billet with cable stay tig welded to it.

    Mounting Brackets- 6061 Billet- Cable stay screws to the brake side.

    Splined Piece for the shift shaft.

    Stainless Steel nuts and bolts for lacing everything up.