• Honda CB350 Four Rear Sets

    $250.00 $150.00

    This set of rearsets is designed to lace up to the stock Honda 350F, with no modifications. A lot of people do not want to hack up their frame. We created a solution for you. This set of rear sets laces up to the passenger peg mounts, which require no cutting, removing, adding, or anything to the frame. They are exceptionally simple to install, and come with everything necessary to install them. 

    The controls are machined from billet 6061 aluminum, as is the linkage. The linkage will come with heim joints. This gives you right about 1.5" of adjustment in the linkage rod, to find tune the toe peg position to your liking. Along with adjustability there, the controls are indexable 360 degrees. What this does is allow you to get close to where you want them, and fine tune them with the linkage rods. This also allows you the ability to run a master cylinder if you want to upgrade to a disc rear, run the linkage rods below the controls if you prefer that look to running them over the top, as well as run the GP shift pattern if you like. 

    This set will arrive with the controls, linkage, heim joints, stainless hardware to lace everything up, pieces for both the shift, and the brake shafts. This is a bolt on kit. Installation requires nothing more than a set of allen wrenches one 10mm wrench to holt the lock nut as you tighten the stainless bolts on the linkage.